The Now-series (part 3- special edition)

It seems there's never coming and end to the Now-series! And that might be true. Because we're all about reminding of important things. And there are a lot of beautiful things to remind ourselves of. Could it also be that all the rest is not that important?

Mission update

We started with our mission to remind everybody of the present moment. Because living in the 'now' makes us happy. But we're rewriting our own story, and that means sometimes we change things. And that's what we did. From now on, we not only want to remind people of the present moment, but about all things important!

The Now- series (part 2)

The Now-series has new designs! We have extended the series with 5 more designs. Every new poster is available in A4 and A3. Click on your favorite design to discover the story behind it.

Our mission

60.000. That is the amount of thoughts we all have, each day. 95% of those thoughts are the same as the day before. They can cause stress and worries, while most of them are not important at all. Once you realize that there are only few things important in life, the only thing you need is reminding.

The Now- series

The Now-series are simple illustrations with text, directly related to our mission. Every text has to do with basic -but important- principles of present moment living.