The Now-series (part 3- special edition)

It seems there's never coming and end to the Now-series! And that might be true. Because we're all about reminding of important things. And there are a lot of beautiful things to remind ourselves of. Could it also be that all the rest is not that important?

The Now- series (part 2)

The Now-series has new designs! We have extended the series with 5 more designs. Every new poster is available in A4 and A3. Click on your favorite design to discover the story behind it.

Our mission

The world goes fast. A lot happens. Sometimes we feel stressed and we might get confused about what things are actually important in life. At Oaken & Ole we think that the everyday things are important. 99% of our time on earth consists of ordinary activities. We think that the secret to a fulfilling life is in appreciating those simple, yet profound, moments. Our posters are designed to remind you of that.

The Now- series

The Now-series are simple illustrations with text, directly related to our mission. Every text has to do with basic -but important- principles of present moment living.